26 decoration common sense

It is inevitable to not understand the professional knowledge of decoration for a decoration, but it is actually very helpful to know some home decoration knowledge before the decoration, so that the decoration process can be a lot easier. Now Dongtai installs a small network The editor will introduce you to 26 must-see decoration common sense before decoration!https://www.ekrhome.com/side-end-corner-table-home-furniture-bedroom-living-room-table-top-2-tempered-glass-tiers-nesting-pedestal-espresso-coffee-balcony-2-product/1. The partition of the shoe cabinet should not be over the top, leave a little space so that the ashes of the shoes can leak to the bottom, and install lights above the sink and gas stove. When determining the location of the bathroom floor drain, you must first think about it and measure the size. The floor drain is best located on one side of the brick. If it is in the middle of the brick, no matter how the brick is tilted, the floor drain will not be the lowest point.

2. The bathroom and air-conditioning outlets are not designed with switches. Especially for bathroom electric water heaters, it is advisable to have a two-stage switch with one plug. If you want to turn off the electric heater, it is dangerous to pull out the plug

3. Regarding the processing method of the external corner of the facing brick, in the final analysis it depends on the level of the workers. If the level of masonry workers is good, and the tools for grinding tiles are better, they should choose to grind at a 45-degree angle without hesitation. From the effect point of view, as long as the grinding is good, the method of grinding the external corner at a 45-degree angle is the most beautiful! If the level of the workers is really not good, then you should choose to use the external corner strip, because the 45-degree angle is not well ground. It is not as good as the effect of using Yang Angle strips.

4. The pressure test of the water pipe after the water pipe is drained is also very important. During the test, everyone must be present, and the test time should be at least 30 minutes, or an hour if conditions permit. 10 kg of pressure, and finally no reduction can pass the test.

5. When installing the plastic steel door, you must calculate the size of the plastic steel door frame protruding from the wall, and inform the installer, so that the final door frame and the wall after the tiles are flat, which is both beautiful and hygienic.226. The carpenter's door cover and the mason's tile tiling also need to cooperate. When wrapping the door cover, it is necessary to consider whether the ground below (either side of the ground on both sides of the door) needs to be tiled or other cement mortar leveling. Because if the door cover is nailed before the tiles are attached, it will be wrapped to the ground. When cement is used in the future, if the cement and the door cover are stained, the wood of the door cover will absorb water and become moldy.

7. You only need to install one at the corner of the aisle, which is bright and effective.

8. The location of the dining table was not considered when installing the lamp, and now the lamp is not in the middle of the dining table.

9. Do not use too plain tiles in the bathroom. First, it is easy to get dirty, and second, it is too dull after a long time!

10. More sockets should be installed, furniture should be purchased outside, the floor should be dirt-resistant and safety should be considered, more sample houses should be seen, and principles should be adhered to.

11. There is no need to buy high-priced aluminum gussets. The effect of very cheap aluminum gussets is far better than that of PVC. No matter how much money is spent, there will be no significant difference. When buying aluminum gussets, pay special attention to the keel rather than the aluminum gusset itself (the target of the aluminum gusset is too large to be tampered with), and the keel is often ruined.https://www.ekrhome.com/oem-customized-china-custom-2-6-pack-industrial-iron-rustic-pipe-custom-floating-shelves-diy-shelf-brackets-with-all-accessories-needed-product/12. It is difficult to find a satisfactory color of the floor tiles, so I did not find one, but two unsatisfactory colors are interlaced and mosaiced and turned at a 45-degree angle to achieve the effect I am very satisfied with. This good idea was actually suggested by the bricklayer.

13. If you build a cabinet on the top of the balcony, adding a layer of foam plastic board on the back of the cabinet will have a good heat insulation and waterproof effect. It is best to use fireproof boards for balcony cabinet doors. The environment of the balcony is relatively poor.

14. If there is no suitable wood molding, you may as well make it to order. The quality of the custom-made one seems to be better than the sample. And customized more personalized.

15. The stainless steel feet used in the bathroom floor cabinets are profiteering, so find some places behind the storefront to buy them at a crazy cheap price.

16. When installing the door lock, pay attention to the wax on the tongue. It will be too late to apply wax after it is damaged. If there is no door stopper, pay attention to prevent the handle from being damaged by hitting the wall.

17. The pagoda floor is very good, I like it, the only thing to remind is that it may be better to negotiate the price directly with the boss than with the salesperson.

18. Matt paint is more beautiful than high gloss

19. If you redecorate, you will use finished putty instead of talcum powder.

20. The project of installing the leakage protector and the junction box of the air switch cannot be saved, and it should not be placed outside but indoors. Originally, I wanted to save labor and use the old junction box outside the door. The electrician suggested that it be replaced indoors. New, now find this bit of his advice valuable.https://www.ekrhome.com/china-new-product-china-classical-style-wintersweet-ink-painting-ll-decorative-art-product/21. Leakage protectors and air switches should use famous brands. I use "Merlin Gerin". It is also easy to buy real products, just call the phone number of the headquarters of Chamerin Gerin, and then call to ask for the number of the local branch.

22. The under-counter basin is more delicate than the over-counter basin, looks good and is easy to clean. Pay attention to the faucet of the under-counter basin. Considering the thickness of the side of the basin, the mouth of the faucet should be longer.

23. The top corner of the wall is beautiful without any modification, but it must be clearly mentioned with the painter in advance when looking for a painter. The top corner snap line helps to straighten the top corner line.

24. It is very important to treat the cement surface of the wire slot before applying putty, and it is very suitable to use cleaning balls to treat the weak surface.

25. Gypsum is suitable for filling larger holes on the wall. Of course, if the hole is too large, cement is still needed.

26. The back of the frosted glass must be protected from paint, it is difficult to clean!

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