5 popular styles for home decoration!

1. Pay attention to decoration(Outdoor Seating Sets)
In the more than 20 years of China's interior design development, it has been pursuing the style of Western countries, but now it is different from the convergence of home decoration (Candle Holder Set)and the mentality of following the trend in the past two years. Nowadays, it is difficult to see hotel and restaurant-style home decoration. A work with a single decoration method is difficult to make a breakthrough in space. The shapes of the fixed interior walls and ceilings do not have a sense of agility, nor do they have the effect of changing with time and mood. The solidified decoration has brought two inconveniences to customers: one is that the space for later changes is greatly reduced; the other is that more complex shapes generally cannot withstand long-term viewing and are easy to become outdated. Therefore, more consumers feel that decoration is more important, making the living room atmosphere natural, convenient and harmonious.https://www.ekrhome.com/outdoor-3-piece-rocking-bistro-set-black-wicker-furniture-two-chairs-with-glass-coffee-table-beige-cushion-product/2. Pursuing exotic styles(Christmas Lantern)
This style can be subdivided into three trends: one is a comfortable and warm Nordic style; using the characteristics of Nordic panel furniture(Folding Garment Rack), the mild color of wood, the soft feel of fabric, the color of the wall, and the reasonable use of lighting, the room is filled with a sense of A warm feeling. The second is the romantic and lively Mediterranean style; this style is still dominated by furniture and accessories, using Central European furniture, which can be more classical or more modern. The third is the simple and natural courtyard style of the living room; the courtyard here refers not to the rockery and flowing water that can be seen everywhere in the flower market and building materials city, but to use some garden props such as pebbles, wooden piers, natural rubble, small woody plants, etc. The modern means of lighting, lighting and space enclosure combine it with the interior naturally.
https://www.ekrhome.com/round-side-table-metal-end-table-nightstandsmall-tables-for-living-room-accent-tables-side-table-for-small-spacesgold-gray-product/3. Personalization becomes dominant
Many customers with a high level of knowledge have a relatively mature decoration idea before decoration consumption(Stemware Rack), and most of this idea has obvious individual needs. These individual needs may be a relatively clear style trend, such as traditional European style, modern European style, Chinese classical or pure modern style, or it may be a relatively comprehensive style trend or just a feeling. Designers should capture this feeling through in-depth conversations with customers and express it with specific design means.
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From the perspective of home improvement consumption mentality, novelty, comfort, warmth and simplicity are almost the psychological needs of most consumers. Comfort reflects the functional requirements of the design, warmth reflects the reasonable collocation of room colors, simplicity refers to the matching of shapes and shapes, and novelty refers to consumers' desire for a new lifestyle. The simple and light European style is more likely to be favored by consumers because of its easy grasp, strong feasibility and its fresh and natural atmosphere, and will become the mainstream in this style field.https://www.ekrhome.com/boulevard-cafe-lounge-chair-camel-finish-product/5. Vitality of new materials
The new building decoration materials on the market now, because of its alternative color and texture, make the room style novel. And now the home building materials market will launch and introduce hundreds of new materials every year. The development and use of these materials will make the home present a strong sense of the times and a strong personality. It also drives and highlights the development of high-tech technology.https://www.ekrhome.com/foot-rest-round-tufted-velvet-fabric-stool-round-34-pink-product/

Post time: Dec-14-2022