Application of iron art

In the past, iron art projects and iron art products were widely used and played an important role in basic construction and environmental beautification projects. In terms of decorative function and practical function, wrought iron products are favored and valued by designers and urban construction management departments for their unique taste and elegant or rough style. In the process of social development that constantly pursues modern civilization and pays more attention to the humanistic environment, iron art products have been widely recognized by people for their unique artistic charm, safety, environmental protection, permeability and practicality. In the home, it is used to the fullest.

1. Iron art

Iron art, as an art form of modern architecture, interior decoration, and environmental art decoration, is an important part of today's decorative art. Its unique artistic effects and style characteristics cannot be replaced by other art forms. Moreover, iron art has a long history, and the development of iron art materials and craftsmanship has a development history of more than two thousand years. As an architectural decoration art, it appeared in the prevalence of Baroque architectural style in the early 17th century. It has been accompanied by the development of European architectural decoration art. Traditional European craftsmen's handcrafted products have a simple, elegant, rough artistic style and glorious history, which is breathtaking. .

In recent years, with the development of society and the continuous updating of decorative arts and decorative materials, decorative styles of various art forms continue to emerge. The trend of returning to the original has become a new fashion, as an ancient and traditional art-deco style iron art. Infused with new content and life, it is widely used in building exterior decoration and environmental decoration. Because of its distinctive features, simple style, economical and practical, and simple craftsmanship, it occupies a place in modern commercial space decoration.

Iron art has its own characteristics and unique style, and its craftsmanship and material particularity cannot be replaced by other forms. It is designed to be flexible and ingenious, the layout is simple, it can be flexibly divided, can circulate with each other, has a strong sense of rhythm, and has clear functions. It is the best decorative material and form for the combination of architecture and environment, and it has played a role in the contrast and rendering of the overall environment of the building. The decisive role, this is also the reason why European medieval architectural decoration can not do without iron art decoration. Wrought iron decorations are used in the overall building space such as gates, building exterior wall guardrails, etc. It is arranged dexterously and in various poses, fully expressing and embodying the classical style design concepts and style characteristics.


2. Home iron art

Wrought iron decoration families come from Europe. Its smooth lines, simplicity and emphasis on the combination of classic and modern, are deeply loved by European families. Iron art is generally used in home decoration for security doors, heating covers, stair rails, flower stands, chairs, sundries cabinets, shoe cabinets, wall decorations, pendants, ornaments, etc. These practical and artistic iron art accessories are used in homes. The display is elegant and generous. Wrought iron coffee table, flower stand, accessories, these decorations used in each house are ingeniously designed by wrought iron designers, and decorated with black, green, red, white and other colors, giving the family a strong modern and simple style.

Iron art is embellished in the family and has a special taste. Hanging in the home-two beautiful iron paintings that match the home environment will make the home look dignified and generous, but also set off the owner's cultural taste and accomplishment.


At the same time, wrought iron furniture has a nostalgic, classical and romantic style. The historical precipitation and cultural heaviness in it are more interesting, and it has a strong appreciation and preservation of value. Therefore, if you need to embody yourself through displays and indoor furniture and personalize the surrounding environment, iron furniture is indispensable.


Cabinets Chests

Because iron art integrates functionality, decoration, and diversity, it can present the combination of classical beauty and modern beauty, and has gradually been recognized by most home decorations. However, for most ordinary families, iron art should be consistent with the overall home decoration. For example, iron art ornaments are loaded on the door frame. At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the materials, shapes and treatment methods of the door cover, door leaf and door armrest are consistent. Iron decoration paintings must be harmonious and unified with home decoration styles and colors. The owner must shape the overall coordination when highlighting the individual aesthetic appeal. Any superfluous superfluous will destroy the warmth of the room.


The furnishings of iron art show the modern people's love and affection for traditional culture. Iron decoration is the finishing touch in home culture, and it is an ideal choice for decoration.

Post time: Mar-01-2021