Some applications of iron art in daily home decoration

Among all kinds of furniture, wrought iron furniture can be regarded as the most decorative and can best reflect the retro style. The simple colors, curved lines and heavy materials can always give people a sense of age, which is in line with The retro complex of people in modern industrialized society. As people's pursuit of interior decoration is becoming more and more individualized, iron furniture and accessories are gradually entering ordinary households.

Mosaic Table & Chairs

In recent years, Chinese people have pursued diversified decorative styles, and iron products that best reflect the classical style have appeared in the domestic market in large numbers and have been favored by many people. Customers who purchase ironwork products not only appreciate its classical flavor, but also believe that ironwork can last forever, be passed on from generation to generation, and be worth the money. In the market, all kinds of wrought iron furniture and ornaments are on sale. They have a variety of simple colors such as copper, black, mildew green, rust, cyan and old copper, from small ornaments to hangers and stools. Tables, chairs, beds, balconies and staircase guardrails, gates, etc., are all exquisitely crafted and exude a strong classical charm.

Coffee/Nesting Tables

Among the wrought iron furniture are wrought iron coffee tables and various small round tables. The wrought iron porch, heating cover and stair railing are the most practical. Due to the simplicity and elegance of iron art, it is easy to match with other furniture. A set of fabric sofa and a wrought iron coffee table with a glass countertop always match beautifully. A piece of wrought iron furniture, its decoration often occupies a prominent place, and practicality takes the second place. Although it is durable, customers often consider whether its shape is beautiful and whether it can be matched with other furniture and does not care about its several functions. Therefore, when choosing iron art, you should pay attention to the few and the fine, and avoid the many and the complete. One or two pieces of wrought iron furniture or ornaments will play a finishing touch, and when the house is full of wrought iron, I am afraid it will make people breathless.

Metal Wall Art

Although wrought iron furniture and accessories are increasingly popular, most people still don't know enough about it and can't distinguish the difference and pros and cons of cast iron and wrought iron. Here are a few very useful identification methods for everyone: finely crafted ironwork products must first be identified from the details, high-quality ironwork products are very delicate in detail and decoration craftsmanship, no breaks or burrs, every petal, leaf The branches should be straight and natural; in addition, the welding points of high-end iron furniture are not exposed and can be identified by careful observation; the surface treatment is smooth and does not feel cold, and after striking, the strikes show bright colors. A genuine product, if it shows rusty color, is a defective product, it will be aged and rusted after a long time; since the wrought iron furniture is made by hand, each product is slightly different. If there is almost no difference, it will be extremely It may be a machined cast iron product. Hand-made wrought iron products can better reflect the strong artistry, and the spirituality of it can be seen by the use of artistic appreciation.

With the development of society and the continuous update of decorative arts and decorative materials, decorative styles of various art forms continue to emerge, and the trend of returning to basics has become a new fashion. As an ancient, traditional art-deco style iron art, it is With new content and life, it is widely used in building exterior decoration, interior decoration, furniture decoration and environmental decoration. Because of its distinctive features, simple style, economical and practical craftsmanship, it occupies a place in modern decoration.

Post time: Mar-21-2022