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Nowadays, when traveling, everyone prefers to book a homestay, which is not only full of human touch, but also has different styles and themes to dress up, bringing a sense of creativity to travel. Among them, the most popular decoration is ins style. The simple but literary design makes every detail in the house exquisite(Coffee Table Living Room Furniture). Today we will take a look at the ins-style storage rack?(Mosaic Chair), how to play with fashion charm.

Magazine Rack

Desktop storage includes desks, coffee tables and dining tables, which are generally used to store small items to avoid messy and affect the beauty of the home, and it is faster and easier to find things. The iron storage has the characteristics of transparency, you can intuitively see what items are stored, and the surface is full of metal texture, so that the storage has a high value.(Windmill Garden Stake)



The twists and turns lines seem to be out of order, they are just knitting freely according to the mood of the craftsman(Outdoor Bench Set), but the combination of this casual and orderly storage creates a contrasting beauty. Each round and polished iron wire will take care of your hands,(Arbor Garden) and the handles are designed on both sides(Room Partition Divider), which is easy to move. From desktop remote control to table fruit, the storage rack has a variety of functions.


Magazine Rack

Rose gold is the high value of the ins style storage(Rocking Chairs For Adult), the color full of texture, visually brings unique charm(Room Divider Partition). The reasonable compartment design is very suitable for storing books, without the heavy feeling of piled up, and it is convenient to access one by one. The welding process is firm and solid, and the high-value storage is simple and complete(Outdoor Pergola).


Wine Rack& Glasses Holder


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