The artistry and decoration of iron art

Iron art itself is a product, but also a work of art or decoration. In modern environment decoration, iron decoration is more and more popular among people. Unlike in the past, iron art is mostly used in building components, now iron art has entered the home environment as a kind of decoration. The transformation of iron art from practical to decorative function reflects the transformation of people's aesthetic values, that is, from material values ​​to spiritual values, and from traditional aesthetics to multiple values. Moreover, with the further development of economic science and technology, the creative forms and scope of application of iron art will become more diversified and technological, and the artistic forms will become more abundant. Its composition pattern will also break away from the traditional style and show more humanistic concepts. Among the product functions, technology, art, and decoration will be cleverly kneaded together to present a perfect form.

The iron flower (iron art) can be a part of the table and chair, or it can form the whole table and chair. Iron flowers and various materials, such as wood, marble, glass, rattan, etc. can be combined into a good table, chair and countertop. When designing tables and chairs iron flowers, we must first consider their supporting role. If the iron flower is designed as a table and chair leg, the connection structure between them must also be considered. When designing the iron flower table and chair surface, pay attention to keeping the surface flat and smooth, comfortable to the touch, and not bumpy and sharp, so as not to affect the use.

Beds Frames

The overall structure of the bed made of iron art is an iron frame. The decorative parts of the iron flower are on the back of the bed and the back of the instep. The graphic composition is symmetrically distributed on the center line of the longitudinal axis of the bed. The iron flower bed is elegant, elegant and unique. Similarly, the choice of iron flowers should be basically coordinated with the style of interior decoration and fabric.

Lamps and lanterns made of iron art are not only a living utensil, but also an ornament in the indoor and outdoor environment. Due to the unique requirements of lamps, metal components have advantages that other materials cannot replace. Therefore, wrought iron lamps have become the main part of the unique lighting products. The varieties of wrought iron lamps include: chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. The style is mostly traditional, and the structure is mostly symmetrical in the center of the circle. Wrought iron lamps are luxurious, elegant and magnificent.


Flower shelf bookshelf category. There are many types of iron art in flower shelf and bookshelf, with different forms. The parts made of this kind of iron art are not only a structural form, but also a decorative form. They are mostly small items in life, which can be used, as well as small furnishings and decorations. The design is relatively light and delicate.

Post time: Jan-07-2023