The charm of iron art racks in the home

The storage in the living room can be divided into a TV cabinet area and a sofa area. People with a lot of clutter will naturally choose a large-capacity furniture design to meet their daily storage needs. A large chest of drawers is enough. Those who are more in pursuit of beauty and decoration can't give up the design of wall storage, whether it is a sofa background wall or a TV background wall, you can have it.

1. Nordic newspaper rack

The storage on the wall can play a decorative role, and can show different charms according to the different items placed. From the intellectual scent of books to the natural and fresh green plants, decorative pieces with a sense of design can exude artistic charm. Find a balance point between daily storage and high-value magic to add temperament to the home.

2. Solid wood shelf

Reasonable use of space is a problem that must be considered for large and small units. The space planning of the ground is often the focus of the design, and the design of the wall may be decorated with a few paintings. The shelf has both practical functions. Although it may not be able to hold a lot of things, it can free up a special space for exquisite decorations.
The one-word partition is a classic design of wall storage. The simple design is transformed, and the iron frame is used to create a more three-dimensional geometric charm. The multi-layer wall storage also makes the decorations look more layered. If you like green plants, put it on small succulents, and if you like design, choose ornaments with strong artistic style, which is free and flexible.

3. Industrial wind water pipe rack

The industrial style with a hint of ruggedness can always give people the charm of retro, and the unique personality is constantly emanating. If the overall design of the home is industrial style, then this shelf will not feel inconsistent. The frame of the water pipe shape, with distinct nodes, is very lifelike, making the storage a more advanced beauty.

4. Creative storage shelf

There are many changes in the material of the shelf, but whether it is made of solid wood or wrought iron, the load-bearing capacity in actual use cannot be ignored. The most fundamental thing about the shelf is its weight-bearing ability. We need to choose according to the actual storage of our own. However, the shelf on the wall generally does not put too large items, and the small size can avoid the space imbalance.

You can install two or three small racks on the wall at the same time. Using the same series of racks on the TV background wall and the sofa background wall will make the space more harmonious. The simple black frame, round four corners, let us have a safe experience, the all-match charm of the high-cold style, quickly try it.

Post time: Oct-14-2021