Wrought iron home

It is said that every piece of ironware has life, they have unique memories, they have a variety of journeys, and they give our daily life a special retro and nostalgic texture, and there are some iron art elements in life. This kind of existence shows you a fresh and tough essence.

Floating Shelf

Shelf: In some small corners or a small space on the wall at home, put beautiful decorative objects on them, choose beautiful iron art shelves, even the shelf itself can become a decorative object, and it can also be like in the photo. Match some wooden drawers, shelves, etc. to the wrought iron products to further increase the practicality.

Benches / Seats


Shoe-changing stool: A stool that combines industrial style and American country style. The cushion is made of cotton and linen fabric, which has a unique and comfortable touch. With sponge filling, it brings a softer seat feeling; this stool is combined with solid wood The wood material is beautiful and the load-bearing capacity is stronger. The iron support between the solid wood is naturally functional, and it also brings an industrial style to the retro style.

Wine Rack& Glasses Holder


Wine glass holder: The iron wine glass holder not only has a long service life, but also has a simple, lightweight, firm and delicate appearance, so it is very popular. The wine glass holder can be used as a decoration in the home, and it can achieve the mutual radiance effect with the red wine glass. The wine glass holder can also be said to be a kind of decoration, highlighting the quality of life.

Iron art elements always have an innate texture, just like the existence of perfect compatibility with artistic and heavy feelings, and the existence of iron art wind lanterns can fully show its unique fashion charm and make iron art cool. The texture becomes warm in it. Enjoy the artistic style brought by iron elements, full of charm and full of accent!

Post time: Mar-29-2021