Iron Art

The English spelling of iron art is blacksmith. Black refers to the skin color of iron. Smith is an extremely common name. Iron art has a long history, and the development of iron art materials and craftsmanship has a development process of more than 2,000 years. Iron art, as an architectural decoration art, appeared in the prevalence of Baroque architectural style in the early 17th century. It has been accompanied by the development of European architectural decoration art. Traditional European craftsmen handcrafted products have a simple, elegant, rough artistic style and glorious history. It is breathtaking and has been passed down to this day.

Iron art is widely used in home decoration. It can be used on stairs, partitions, entrances, fences, screens, wine racks, chairs, beds, etc. It can also be made into wall hangings, lamps and other small decorations like vases and sculptures. Taste.

Wrought iron partitions not only have the texture of metal, but also have a sense of transparency. At present, they are widely used in home decoration. Iron art can also be used on the door, such as a model door made of black iron art and frosted glass, or a glass door with model iron art and transparent glass. This combination is also very elegant.


In addition, wrought iron vases fill the home with a sense of art. Some wrought iron pendants on the wall can add personality to the living room.


The proper use of wrought iron furniture, such as beds, chairs, coffee tables, etc., can make the room style tough.


In families with courtyards, iron fences with colorful flowers and iron watering cans give people a fresh and rural feeling.

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In addition to these specific wrought iron objects, wrought iron is also used as a decorative element in the home, such as wrought iron staircase handrails, wrought iron cabinet door handles, wrought iron mirror frames and so on.
The flexible application of iron elements makes the living room more simple and thick, and has a historical sense of precipitation. For example, copper-colored iron art with mirrors can make the room feel more European classic style.

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